What to Wear This Summer


What TO WEAR this Summer

We all know what summer is about:

Tan lines, day -cocktails, bbqs, picnics and celebrations. Every year the requirements are the same ~ your bathing suit, a hat, a bag and some footwear ~ but every year the version of it all, changes.

Here are the 2015 Summer trends for all your requirement pieces:

The One Piece

If you haven’t gotten your beach body together in time for summer you can rejoice! As the one-piece is where it is at for beach wear this season. Designers have taken a classic and spun a creative approach, creating suits that are either retro inspired or have sexy cutouts and straps in a body-suit silhouette.

They were ramped on runways at Miami Swim a couple weeks ago.

781b1b722d6f6db03c00770e339ecc6a96cbe495 Naila/ Sauvage/ Zingara Swimwear At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2014†- Runway

The Bikini Necklace

This is a new one. Often jewelry is not a necessity or even practical for that matter when wearing a bathing suit, but we can’t ignore this jewelry trend as its just so darn cool! Usually a delicate chain, the shape is a loop with the majority of the necklace dangling (sexy, but not overtly). Jewelry designers, bloggers and models have been sporting this trend all of social media this season.

12pcs-lot-ladies-bikini-dress-body-chain  NEW-SUPER-HOT-Celebrity-Style-Gold-Bikini-Harness-Belly-Body-Chain-Necklace

The Straw Beach Hat

Being overly tanned is a thing of the past. With all the information out there, we can’t help but be much more conscious of our skin and the damage the sun can cause. Since there is no-way we will be staying indoors this summer, finding ways to protect ourselves in the most chic way possible is a necessity.

Enter in the beach hat. For whatever reason a straw hat always looks glamorous and it is so practical. Some designers are trying their way at making this staple as fun and unique as possible ~ A definite necessity this summer.


The White Sneaker

Once upon a time, the sneaker was reserved only for the gym, running marathons and if you were coined a person that didn’t care about how they appeared because you just wanted to be “comfy.” But in the last couple of years the sneaker has made its way into the fashionista’s closet as a staple. And I am sure we all can agree…… “what a relief!.” Enough with trying to wear heels/ 5 inch wedges while traipsing through airports, going wine tasting, or sightseeing. Worn with just about anything… Bring on the sneaker!

P1010878 white-sneakers-trend-02 white-sneakers-trend-2015-cover-870x450


The Backpack

We need a place to carry the sunscreen, the sunglasses, the magazines and our latest beach read… and we all love a good tote – but who doesn’t love an update on the classic!? So, why not use a backpack. The backpack has been the “bag rage” since 2014 and is not disappearing anytime soon. It goes along with summer anyways~ It is carefree, youthful, practical, yet very trendy. Swap out your beach tote this summer for the backpack!

2014-new-trend-of-backpack-for-women-for-fall-winter-4 Back2


Photos courtesy of:
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