VMAs .. Oh what a night for “Fashion”…


It seems to be that the VMAs may be the one awards show per year  that you get to wear whatever you want and no judgement is passed… comparable to the Mean Girls quote “Halloween is the one day a girl can dress slutty and no one can say anything.” Maybe the VMAs quote shall be “VMAs is the one award show a year that anyone can dress in something that looks like a circus costume and no one can say they are on drugs”..?

Lady Gaga in drag as her alter ego, Nicki Minaj wearing an ice cream cone around her neck, a face mask, with a stuffed animal trailing on a chain..? Katy Perry sporting a yellow square on top  of her head….the new member of Jersey Shore looking like a sparkling Rainbow Bright, and last but certainly not least my boys.. the Cast of the Buried Life (I am biased as I styled them), dressed as girls in hopes to win “Best Dressed.” There were some hits though, Selena Gomez could not have looked cuter, Beyonce’ looking gorgeous debuting her pregnancy glow, and Brit Brit looking rather stylish in black sequin romper.

Let’s recap in photos…


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