Use the Good Dishes – Fashion Edition



It is 2016 and to add some spice to last week’s topic of  “Health and Wellness,” I thought I would share my fashion motto for 2016. Hopefully the motto will inspire you in one way or another (fashion or otherwise).

“Use the good dishes!!”

What am I talking about…? I am talking about all those pieces of clothing that you are saving in the back of your closet for a “special occasion,” just like your grandma and her “good dishes,”( you know those dishes she only uses when “company” comes over or its a holiday).
I bet every one of you are guilty of putting your good dish clothing to the side,…. as am I ! Over the years I have had so many clothing items that I have “saved” and never worn on a “regular” day. Which equates to them barely ever seeing the light of day!
But really… what am I waiting for ? Putting life on hold for something better to come along has never been my formula, so why would I wait for a better day to come along to wear something that I love or excites me ? I shouldn’t… and I am not going to in 2016.

I would advise you to do the same. Life is short. So today is good time to start ~ wear that fur, that gold, those leather pants, those heels and that avante garde broach to go get groceries. I guarantee you, you will feel pretty fabulous and people will comment to you positively.
Most likely they will comment on your “style,” but really its that you had the chutzpa and confidence to wear the most outstanding outfit on the most ordinary day.

Here is a sneak peek into my “Good Dish Wardrobe.”

I will feature one outfit a week for the next few weeks. Stay Tuned.








Outfit Details:

Fur Jacket – H&M
Black and White Striped Shirt – H&M Leather Pants – Aritzia
Boots – Nine West
Purse – Saint Laurent



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