The Larder @ TAVERN Brentwood


Having enjoyed myself very much while dining at Tavern in the past, I had always made a mental note to come back in the day to try its cafe’ called “The Larder”.


Last Sunday when deciding on a brunch spot my dining companion and I decided Brentwood would be the perfect pit stop, as we were on our way to attempt the daunting task of the Santa Monica Stairs.


Quite Busy on Sunday morning at 12pm, we were nervous about finding a table while ordering. In contempo-casual cafe’ style they have you order at the front, take a number, and then find a seat.

Reading many reviews, I was slightly distraught on what to try. Their bakery itself has an overwhelming variety of choices…Not to mention they have a deli case of salads and a full brunch menu.


We decided on a coffee and cappuccino, Eggs Benedict (highly recommended), a side of blueberry toast (also recommended), vegetable melody salad, and a berry and cream cheese Danish ,all for the two of us to share.

Eggs Benedict

The Eggs Benedict was delicious! Using Brioche instead of an English Muffin and prosciutto instead of ham, it was probably the best take on Eggs Benny that I have ever had. The Blueberry toast did not disappoint either.

The Cream Cheese Danish was very enjoyable although slightly disappointing, since my comparison (which was the last time I had any type of pastry) was in Paris at Laduree’ … (which is supremeley tough competition!!!) Nonetheless it and the cappuccino were very good. Where the The Larder lost points was service… I had to practically stalk two different wait-staff for water on two different occasions… as well as clean off our own table before we sat down.

Regardless it is a super fun, tasty, casual brunch spot! I will go back.


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