The Elvis Cupcake


In another installment (and long-delayed) to the “Best Thing I have Ever Eaten,” I am featuring the illusive Elvis Cupcake from CRUMBS bakeshop. I say illusive as it only makes sporadic appearances and is not a consistent flavour at the bakery.

To give it an exact description it is Vanilla cake filled & frosted with banana cream cheese frosting, topped with a swirl of real creamy peanut butter and edged with peanut butter chips.Really to me it just tastes like Peanut Buttery/Vanilla goodness… and well.. I love anything with peanut butter!

I am a fan of any cupcake from CRUMBS… but this is the top of the list!


9465 South Santa Monica Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 550-9811
Open Mon-Thu 9am-10pm; Fri-Sat 9am-11pm; Sun 10am-10pm


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