The Boyfriend Shirt…


Regardless of what it is – (Oversized sweats, old t-shirts, baseball hats, plaid shirts..) I  always have had a tendency  of stealing clothing items from all the men in my life. Weather it has been my boyfriend’s sweats or my brother’s t-shirt I have always felt there is something sexy about when a woman wears men’s clothing. It is completely unobvious and fairly androgynous, but still it turns out to be highly flirtatious.

Last week caught me on the street sporting a more casual look with a tailored men’s shirt. It inspired me to write this post, currently it is my favorite look.  Dressed down or up – pair is with heels or sandals, it can be a day or evening look. My current evening look for this piece is with heels, shorts, and a statement necklace. If you wanted to dress it down – cutoffs, wedges, and a slightly wrinkled shirt does the job. Here are some celebrities take on the look…


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