Fall Jackets 2011 Edition

Recently I’ve been spending a fair amount of time in Palm Desert, California, where it has been averaging a cool 110 Degrees F. I plan my outfits everyday with the thought “what is the least amount I can wear with still being socially acceptable,” (would not want to offend any seniors nor my claim to fame being the new hussy in town.) I dress mainly in shorts, dresses, and tank tops that don’t cling to my skin and are of light weight so I am not embarrassingly walking around with sweat marks on all my clothes. Cut to – an un-expected trip to Vancouver and I cannot get WARM! I am permanently frozen. I bought a pair of sweats, 3 extra pairs of socks, and a Men’s hoodie from H&M to hopes to get me by for the next few days. Unfortunately, I got here Thursday and will probably be here for a week. I really haven’t changed my outfit….. talk about being unfashionable! I have become that girl, that girl that just wants to be “comfortable” – but really all I want to be is warm!

Nevertheless let’s get to the point… in my attempt to be warm, I have become obsessed with jackets. I am so sorry to all you cold-climate people, this is something I have unappreciated as a priority in your life! In my best attempts at researching, it looks as if we are playing with a few main trends for Jackets in the Fall/Winter 2011 Season.

  1. Shearling
  2. Leather
  3. Animal Print
  4. Embelllishment
  5. Tuxedo
Here are some of my top picks… Bundle up!! 

Shearling at TIBI 2011

Aritzia Fall 2011 Collection

Alexander Wang Leather 2011

Animal Print at Balmain 2011

Shearling at Burberry 2011

Embellishment from Alice and Olivia

Tuxedo at YSL 2011


Fall 2011 Jackets