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Whether we would like to fully admit it or not, we have all daydreamed about being a high fashion model. Regardless if that means you just have dreamt of having Giselle’s legs , or you have dreamt of wearing couture everyday… we have all had our moments. If we face the facts and you are reading this blog, the reality of the situation is….you probably won’t be making your debut at Fashion Week anytime soon. SO maybe… as an alternative we can just learn to observe some of the killer beauty trends that are hitting the runways and make our own life our version of a catwalk.
Two glam beauty trends we can all do:

1. The Red Lip

Not that this is overly new, it cycles in and out throughout time. But lately the matte red lip has some staying power. It really can dress up and glamourize any outfit. I sport a red lip whenever I want to feel super glam OR I am wearing a rather casual outfit and want to dress it up.

My #1 recommendation for this look is buying what I call an “anti-bleed” product. It helps the lipstick from running onto the upper part of your lip (hence not looking like the Joker).

Here is one I found:

Too Faced Boderline Anti-Feahering Lip Liner –

Also, my favorite red lipstick:

Marc Jacobs Lip Creme –


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2. The Half-Bun

I remember this style from when I was 10… once again I am dating myself. Super simple – yet very on trend right now. Part your hair across the back of your head and with the top half of your hair either twist and secure with a elastic and a two criss-cross bobbypins as a top-knot OR secure into a ponytail at the back of your head with an elastic and then from there twist , bubble and secure as your see fit.


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