Roof Top Cocktails @ The Peninsula


Mid-way through a horrific work day my friend, (who is never at a lack for fabulous ideas).. called to ask if I wanted to meet him on the Rooftop of the Peninsula. By reflex I practically shouted “I’ll be there in 15!!!.” I had never been before, only had enjoyed high tea in the lobby, so on a day in March where the temperature was pushing 80 degrees, it was the perfect first time experience.

I decided on a Mojito, not too sweet and STRONG (which it should be at $16 a pop) it was Perfection. Will definitely be going back to indulge in one or more of their specialty cocktails. Some others featured were the Speckled Margarita (below)  or the Kumquat & Citrus Punch (Ketel One, Malibu Rum, muddled kumquats, citrus juices), and the Grape Cocktail (Hendricks Gin, Grapes, St. Germain Elderflower, lemon juices, club soda).
They also serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner and having a great pool. The Peninsula is located at 9882 South Santa Monica Blvd. Beverly Hills,CA. –  (310) 551-288


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