Not your Average STREET


When I read about the upcoming “Street” opening I knew it had to be on the top of my priority list to try! The concept made me very curious and I was compelled to check it out!   With the backing of chef Susan Feigner (competitor on Top Chef, collaborator of Border Grill and Ciudad), the restaurant sounded like a home run!

Street is a multi-ethnic restaurant of “street food” inspired by Feigner’s travels all over the world. Dishes are family style insuring you get to try the optimal amount on the menu. Dishes range from Mandoo Vegetable Dumplings, to Chilled Soba Noodles, to Fried Chicken, to Peanut Butter cookies. My personal favorite is the Kaya Toast. Coconut Jam, between two pieces of white bread, with a side of egg and soya sauce (for dunking), it’s pretty much the most random combination you have ever heard of, but I swear you will CRAVE it after you have had it once.

I went once when it first opened…I went back for my birthday, then Valentines Day, then took my mom on her last visit, then went last week… so I guess you could say… I LOVE IT!

The ambience is unpretentious, yet trendy, laid-back and with great service. Really, it is the perfect combination unique to the heart of Hollywood.  Choose inside seating or enjoy the patio with complimentary blankets and heat lamps in case it gets chilly!

As long as you call a few days ahead you should be able to get a reservation, just don’t expect to walk in and get a table on a Friday night. I have yet to mention the best part… it is so affordable!!  If I were you… I would run down the street…. To STREET! 😉



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