No more Ice Cream…



My Whole30 Journey

No more Ice Cream! One of my favorite things, no more for 30 days. But given the way I felt, I was ready to take it on.

Melissa and Dallas Hartwig, the authors of the Whole30 take a no bull-shit approach to the program, which I completely appreciate.

Many people write into them commenting things like,

“You mean I can’t have cream in my coffee…?” “I can’t have a cheat day a week ???”, “ I get no rice… ?? but I only eat brown and that is healthy! I need carbs…!” – The answer is no, no, no. You can’t have any it… and further more – suck it up! Its only 30 days! The authors go on to explain in the book “The Whole30 is not hard. Climbing Mount Everest is hard, surviving cancer is hard… this is NOT hard.”

SO here we go – here are my first 5 days. (Keep in mind for most of this I was STILL in Mexico, eating a combination of out at restaurants and groceries)



Day #1 – August 3rd

I am not hungry this morning (I am sure from all the extra food I took in the last 48 hours)


BREAKFAST (at a restaurant)

11:30am –

  • Fish Tacos – wrapped in lettuce, (no tortilla) with a side salad, salsa and guacamole
  • Black Coffee

4pm –

  • Apple

7:00pm –

  • Chicken and Grilled Peppers,
  • ½ a zucchini,
  • one roma tomato and lettuce,
  • 2 tbsp avocado

9pm –

  • 5 tbsp coconut butter – with a small portion of the above again as I was still hungry

10:30pm – Went to bed feeling very tired and a very small headache

Exercise: Walked 15,000 steps – did small circuit of burpees and lunges (20 mins)


Day #2 – August 4th

Woke up glassy eyed and starving

8:45am –


  • Black coffee
  • Apple
  • 1 egg + 3 egg whites


12pm Starving!!

12:45pm –


  • 1 cup of cooked shrimp
  • 1 chopped up lettuce head, pico de gallo, 1.4 cup papaya, ½ cucumber with hot sauce and a little vinegar.
  • Half a sweet potato and a sliver of coconut oil.

2pm – So Sleepy and craving something sweet – I am going to make some coffee!


3pm –

  • coffee with 1tbsp of coconut butter and 3 tbsp coconut milk (from the can)

4pm – HUNGRY

4:30pm – MORE HUNGRY – In the book they said the test is .. if you are actually hungry you would eat steamed broccoli and fish. My answer to this righ now is YES! YES I WOULD. So I have a “mini meal”

  • 1/2 a cucumber again
  • 1 roma tomato,
  • 2 tbsp avocado.
  • ¼ cup Pico de Gallo
  • Lime
  • 5 Shrimp


Exercise: Went on a walk and then did a small cicuit

3 rounds of 20 Burpees, 20 squats, 2 pushups, 2 leg raises, 2 crunches, 2 hip raises


8pm – (Restaurant)


  • Beet Carpaccio (sliced beets, zucchini, cucumber, carrots) with basil /olive oil dressing on the side.
  • No rice sushi rolls (5) tuna sashimi, wrapped around radish, cucumber, ginger and avocado.


9pm – still hungry…

  • Half a yam (1/2 cup) with 1tsp coconut butter


11pm – Going in to bed feeling very satisfied and oddly alert



Day #3

7am – Woke up feeling a little hungry not having had the best sleep

Go on an hour walk

8:30am –


  • 5 Eggs
  • 5 shrimp
  • 3 egg whites
  • Pico
  • Pear
  • Coffee with 2 tbsp coconut milk

9:15 am – Feeling oddly alert/focused (clear brain)

11:15am – Feeling hungry and a little bit out of it. Have half a bullet coffee and throw the rest out – was enough to get me to lunch.

1pm – starting to get very hungry. I have a meeting – end up drinking lots of water and chewing lots of gum


2pm (Restaurant)



  • White Fish
  • Lettuce
  • Roasted yams, beets, carrots, tomatoes and bananas
  • Balsamic dressing


4pm – 20 mins walk on the tredmill and lifted some arm weights

5pm – Deep Tissue Massage


7:30pm –


  • Green salad with Bruschetta and olive oil and Balsamic vinegar
  • White Fish (at least 5 oz) grilled vegetables (in BUTTER) – not purposely – at a restaurant and I forgot to ask no butter…. Regretting eating them “

I am stuffed…. !!

11pm – Bed.



7:30am – do some yoga stretched and have a warm water and vinegar

8 am – Have a coffee with 2tbsp light coconut milk and 1 tsp coconut oil (blended)

8:30am –


  • 6 egg whites
  • 5 shrimp
  • 1 cup spinach
  • ½ cup pico


11am – Don’t feel right… go for a for an hour and do yoga stretched and crunches 15 mins

12pm – I have come to the conclusion I am on the verge of heat stroke and severely dehydrated

Drink 2 liters of water and start to feel a little better –

Cheated with some coconut water and light cranberry juice


3pm –


  • Cobb Salad


7:30pm –


  • Roasted Veggie Salad (same as yesterday) with white fish and some b/oo dressing

AM having intense sugar cravings

  • Have 1 tbsp coconut butter and a herbal

Feel much better

10pm – Go to bed early and feeling fairly satisfied!


Day #5

7:00am – Wake up having had the best sleep!

Pretty Hungry – but go for a 20 mins walk and lift weights for 10mins

8:30am –


  • Green Juice – Celery, Cucumber, Apple and Lemon
  • Egg whites
  • Ham
  • Tomato
  • Avocado

SUPER STUFFED and uncomfortable


9:45 – feeling irritable and tired…

11am – Have a coffee and feel much better

12:30 pm – feeling very “off”

2pm –


  • 1 Hardboiled Egg and one Egg white
  • Apple


3:30pm –

SNACK (at the airport)

  • Think Thin Bar … (I was desperate) (NOT on the PROZGRAM!)
  • 6 almonds and 2 cashews

My first actual stomachache since I have started the program…, which is good indicator since that was my first processed piece of food!


7:30pm –

DINNER (at a restaurant)


Seafood Salad

  • Lettuce, Tomato, Papaya, crab, shrimp and Lobster with olive oil and vinegar on the side


There you have it, my first 5 days.. .hour by hour. What I can tell you is that the process went in waves. The second week there were a couple tough moments, but the days 3-5 were the toughest. I think this is because your body tends to go through some withdrawals and a little bit of a detox. I ate pretty healthy before, so my symptoms were not too bad, but I have heard of other people having more extreme side effects during that time.


I wish I could tell you I did the Whole30 100%…. but If I am going to be totally honest ( which I have to be, as lying stresses me out)… I did have a couple glasses of wine or champagne on the weekends. When my then fiancé and I would go out for “date night,” it took a lot of enjoyment out of the night to not be able to decompress and talk about our week over a couple drinks. Clearly I am not perfect, but that small allowance that I gave myself for those 4 Saturdays made the whole experience so much more manageable for me.


After 30 days, I felt so amazing and was not DYING to eat “normal.” This felt like it was to become my new normal. My stomach aches almost completely went away, I was sleeping so much better and bonus: – I lost 4.5 lbs (which actually is quite a bit for me in 30 days).


I really believe the Whole30 is more of a lifestyle plan, rather than a diet. I now will always have the principles in my back pocket and do often come back to it, to do the “Whole7” or a version of the Whole 30 for a reset.


One thing I do really recommend if you are going to start the program is to read the book first. I listened to the audio book AFTER and I wish I would have listened to it before, as it explained why the “rules” exist and it made me much more committed to the process.


Here is the Whole30 website If you would like more information.

If anyone tries it – let me know how to goes!!

Much Love ~

What a few of my meals looked like over the course of a month:


chicken, mashed yams, spinach, tomatoes and avocado


chicken, mixed greens, squash, avocados, pomegranates

chicken, mixed greens, squash, avocados, pomegranates


ahi tuna, avocado, arugula, cashews, kale and radishes

ahi tuna, avocado, arugula, cashews, kale and radishes



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