Neon Brights


After being pretty resistant to this trend since it first it showed up on S/S 2012 runways.. I have gone through the 4 stages of S.A.R.A

S – Shock – because I remember when Neon was all the rage…in 2nd grade and in my mind I am not old enough to see a trend for the 2nd time in my life.

A – Anger – Being angry at the fact that in all REALITY I AM actually that old…

R – Resistance – Thinking Neon is tacky..

A – Acceptance. – After having time to process the news that neon is indeed a trend for this season, coming to terms with my age, and after gathering evidence I have concluded that if neon is executed right… it can look.. well .. pretty great!

My advice in keeping it on the side of super edgy and fashionable and NOT venturing on the side of a GEM reincarnation…start small (accessories) and wear with neutrals. A Neon shoe looks dynamite with a black dress, bold jeans look great with a white t-shirt. If you feel adventurous, pair with other neons… (I would only recommend this if you are at an advanced level).

Regardless have fun with it!


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