Micheal Voltaggio’s premier restaurant ink. is explained on their website to allude to the permanence of ink.” endeavors to create an indelible impression with flavor profiles that are inspired by the myriad of cultures that make up the city of Los Angeles. ” In Voltaggio’s words ink. is “modern Los Angeles cuisine” …. and that it was!

Definitely a dining experience unlike any I have ever had before it was just that .. an experience! With flavor combinations and profiles that you think to yourself “what on earth were they on when they thought of that!?” Regardless, somehow everything seamlessly worked though. Tasty and thought-provoking could be how you would describe the dishes.

I recommend everyone go at least once to understand the hype and have the experience. Be prepared to leave slightly hungry, but possibly inspired!?

P.S. Don’t leave without having the dessert – Burnt wood ice cream sounds like a trip, But it’s one that you would like to go on!


Note> Dining companion included the company of Aaron Green.


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