Fall Jackets 2011 Edition


Recently I’ve been spending a fair amount of time in Palm Desert, California, where it has been averaging a cool 110 Degrees F. I plan my outfits everyday with the thought “what is the least amount I can wear with still being socially acceptable,” (would not want to offend any seniors nor my claim to fame being the new hussy in town.) I dress mainly in shorts, dresses, and tank tops that don’t cling to my skin and are of light weight so I am not embarrassingly walking around with sweat marks on all my clothes. Cut to – an un-expected trip to Vancouver and I cannot get WARM! I am permanently frozen. I bought a pair of sweats, 3 extra pairs of socks, and a Men’s hoodie from H&M to hopes to get me by for the next few days. Unfortunately, I got here Thursday and will probably be here for a week. I really haven’t changed my outfit….. talk about being unfashionable! I have become that girl, that girl that just wants to be “comfortable” – but really all I want to be is warm!

Nevertheless let’s get to the point… in my attempt to be warm, I have become obsessed with jackets. I am so sorry to all you cold-climate people, this is something I have unappreciated as a priority in your life! In my best attempts at researching, it looks as if we are playing with a few main trends for Jackets in the Fall/Winter 2011 Season.

Animal Print
Here are some of my top picks… Bundle up!! 

Fall 2011 Jackets


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