Everything you need to know about your Fall Wardrobe.


Fall is a big season for fashion. It is actually “THE season” for fashion. All the trends roll out on runways across the world and people start talking about all of the trends. For most common folk being in tune with what landed on the runway for season to season, is not something they usually keep tabs on. Furthermore, the clothes and “looks” that come out on the runway are designer and are too extravagant to ever wear in real life.

The trick is to interpreting what these trends are and finding a way to implement them into your own wardrobe. Fall/Winter runways 2016 seemed to be a complete flashback of 6th grade for me. I remember I bought this Vogue magazine and tried to do exactly what I am telling you to do… I took all the “looks” and went out and tried to find items that were a somewhat resemblance. When I came to school  (in a farm town of 5,000 people) wearing a choker and velvet bodysuit, I was a little…. shall we say “ahead of the curve” and I pushed everyone’s comfort level of what an 11 year old girl should be wearing. This is most likely why I had such a hard time fitting in! Being 11 though, it didn’t register that not wearing what everyone else wore and wearing what the fashion magazines wore, was NOT so cool.
Good thing, we are all now adults and being on trend IS cool!

Trends for the Fall and Winter, have a lot going on. Ethereal edginess, with velvet and ruffles and then there is an abundance of 80s glamour. I am here to simply it all for you.

There are only a few items you will need to update your wardrobe to be relevant and look like you are on top of the fashion forecast.


1. A Velvet Item

If this feels too adventurous for you. Do an accessory. Over the knee boots are very in, or try simply a clutch or choker.


Nasty Gal Boots $139

Nasty Gal Boots $139

2. A Body Suit

Bodysuits have been in for a couple seasons now and you haven’t gotten one already.. you need to… if not like 5 of them. They always make your outfit look sleek and slimming and they go with everything !


Photo courtesy of www.elle.com



Photo courtesy of www.instyle.com

3. Leopard

My husband is horrified by this trend, but it seriously makes me so happy! Leopard has been my jam ever since I can remember. In 6th grade my whole bed was leopard, comforter, pillows, sheets etc. which I believe I kept until I graduated high school! Not failing to mention the many items of clothing I have had over the years in leapord print. Yes, it can sometimes veer on the New Jersey house wife side, but since its on trend this season, just make sure you where it tastefully and you will appear like a fashion risk-taker! Wear it in good quality fabrics, buy a leopard flat, or clutch or cashmere sweater.

Photo Courtesy of www.vogue.com

Photo Courtesy of www.vogue.com

Photo Courtesy of www.thezoereport.com

Photo Courtesy of www.thezoereport.com

Photo Courtesy of www.popsugar.com

Photo Courtesy of www.popsugar.com

4. Over-The Knee Boot

Flat or with a heel, these are a wardrobe staple that can be worn in many different forms and styles and all be considered in style for this year.


Photo courtesy www.trendspotter.com



Only 4 items. Pretty simple. You don’t need much to be on top of your fashion game!

Happy Shopping!







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  1. My sister had a leopard coat (I think they used to call it SWING COAT length)
    If she still has it wow!

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