CUT restaurant and lounge at the Regent Beverly Wilshire is yet another culinary acclaim by famed chef Wolfgang Puck. Known as a steakhouse that you go “to see and to be seen”, with regular industry heavy hitters as well as a favorite amongst celebrities, it is another slam-dunk for the master chef.

I had never visited CUT , In the past if the opportunity had ever presented itself I was never THAT enthusiastic about sitting down to a 20oz Steak. Little did I know – they have way more to offer than their fabulous cuts of beef…

First of all the bread…. (You can always make a great first impression with me if you have good bread) – Pretzel Bread – Warm, slightly salty and slightly sweet – Totally delicious! When it came to ordering my dining companion proclaimed himself an “expert” on CUT’s menu, so I let him do the all the deciding.


We started out with two appetizers, Bone Marrow Flan and the 6oz Wagu (strange for an appetizer I know…). The Bone Marrow flan… well… was VERY interesting… super soft and decadent, it is definitely a dish you love or hate. It’s a creamy mixture of bone marrow and custard. It was served with a brioche and a mushroom ”marmalade” (more like a tapenade). I am OK with most strange dishes, but the texture of this dish weirded it me out a bit, although I could appreciate why some might think it is decadent.


Next we split had the 6oz of Wagu cooked medium rare. I am going to go out on a limb here (especially since I am from Alberta, Canada known for its beef… ) BUT pretty sure it was the best piece of beef I have ever tasted. It literally melted in my mouth…beyond delicious!  I was already full by this point (that is what happens when you binge on pretzel bread) so it was a good thing that I had ordered a salad for my main dish. Not that this was any an old salad the “ Pink Lady and Fuji Apple Salad “ was a combination of fennel, apples, dates, almonds and blue cheddar. It was a super pleasing combination of flavors. The small sharp cheddar went so well with the crisp, light texture of the apples and fennel, sweetened just a tad with the Medjool Dates.

Overall it was an extraordinary meal. The food, service, and ambience made it definitely a night to remember! Although I would never lean-to say it was an inexpensive meal, therefore put this one to the back-burner for a special occasion.




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