Cultivating your Personal Style

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Cultivating Personal Style

It may be a little overwhelming to think about what defines  your personal style is, as it only seems necessary to articulate if you were a celebrity  and the interviewer asked you “Describe your personal style.” But really everyone does have a personal style (at least anyone reading a fashion blog does) and I think its important to define it, as you navigate your way through the trends, Instagram and our media obsessed world.

It is very hard to not be influenced with what we “think “ we should be wearing when we are inundated with photos of Beyonce and her twins dressed up like she is in a theater production of a Midsummer Night’s Dream or Kim Kardashian wearing black bike shorts to go to dinner. It is easy to forget that these mega watt stars that influence our fashion decisions (unconsciously or consciously) are also trying to stand out among their peers and are making fashion statements more for shock value.

My suggestion would be to think about these 3 things when you feel fashion conflicted.


  1. What is your frame ?

Meaning…. Are you tall, short, stalky, pear. etc. Now this isn’t the same as “What are you flaws and how to hide them.” I am talking about understating how you are built and how clothes fit you. Me for example: I am 5’2, so when pencil skirts became the all the rage, most of them were hitting mid calf and although I would have loved to try to look like Victoria Beckham – I knew that cut of skirt would just not work on me. It would make my legs appear shorter than they already were and would most likely widen my frame.

When high-waisted pants came back around , this was a good thing for me, the higher waist elongates my legs, helping me to look more slender and taller.

Understanding what cuts look best on you can be one tool to navigate in choosing trends.

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  1. Have a uniform.

Your probably already do and don’t even know it. It is your “go to “ outfit that you always feel pretty and comfortable in. My dressier “go to” outfit that is a good cut blazer, sleeveless blouse, skinny jeans in a dark denim (black/grey or blue) and a great stiletto. This works for business meetings, going out to dinner with my husband, or cocktails with friends. My dressed down “go to” outfit is a leather jacket, T-shirt, skinny jeans and a comfy flat (usually an espadrille). This outfit is great for traveling, a casual dinner out or a day to day when I don’t have the energy to think about what to wear.

If you have one or two or your own “uniforms” to fall back on, it can take some anxiety out of deciding what to wear all the time.


  1. Don’t dress beyond the limits of your personality.

Everyone dresses aligned with their personality weather they have consciously thought about it or not. Have you ever had heard the statement when you are shopping with your girlfriends and someone says “Oh that is SO YOU.” They are saying that because what you are trying on suits you … and they are probably saying that more because that it suits your energy and personality rather than, it just flatters your body. Using myself for an example again… when Birkenstocks came back in style, I knew this was never something I could wear. No matter how many fashion bloggers were wearing them, they are simply just not me. They are kind of boho, kind of hipster, and neither of those are two adjectives you would ever use to describe me. Understanding who you are and being confident in the that will help you not to succumb to purchasing ever new “it” item.

If you ever feel awkward or unsure when trying something on and you say to your self “ this doesn’t feel like me..” it is probably not you and you should leave that item for someone else to wear.

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With social media, so many “influencers” these days I find it harder and harder all the time to keep true to my own personal style. I constantly have to remind myself of all of the above, especially when It might be “cool” to dress a certain way or buy a certain item.

Really just try to remember if  you think something is ugly, or odd, or that is won’t look good on you… move on and focus on what you feel good and confident in, weather it is the “trendiest” look or not. Being confident and dressing simply never goes out of style.



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  1. I am taking my own notes of what you are saying about how to create a style of your own and feeling good that you are wearing something special.
    It is difficult to shop for me because being 73 years old and when you walk into a Department store everything you see is suited for young girls or young women under 50! I wish there was a Department store that could show us older ladies how to dress stylish for any occasion.

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