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I saw this great quote a couple of years ago that spoke to me:

“When a woman says, “ I have nothing to wear ..” what she really means is:
“ There is nothing here,  for who I want to be today.”

As females we can be moody and fickle (but we sure are great ; )… and personally, I wake up thinking about what I have to do that day, how that affects my wardrobe, what mood I am in, and how I feel like I want to present myself that day. Call it a subdued form of dress-up or just call it being stylishly aware, but I think most fashion conscious woman can relate.

Everytime, I watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (guilty) I always think of how I want to be Yolanda Foster when I grow up. She is always is so blonde and so tanned .. always looking gorgeous in some effortless outfit, floating around her epic Malibu home barefoot…..I mean… the woman looks amazing all the time.
One look she does exceptionally well is: head-to-toe white. Some would say it is hard to pull off… but I say… as long as you are not slacking on your spray-tan visits you should be good.

White is fresh and youthful and a monochromatic look is always chic.
Here a couple of simple white on white looks of mine.

Jeans – J Brand –
Shirt – H&M –
Shoes – Micheal Kors –
Watch – Micheal Kors –

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All the same items in the first photo except:

Sweater – H&M –

Keep it Simple… and don’t over accessorize.
Thanks to Yolanda for the inspiration ; )


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