About me



I refuse to be cliché in saying “I have always had a “passion for fashion” … but lets put it this way, in a town of 5,000 people in rural Alberta, Canada I somehow was compelled at the age of 9 to spend my allowance on Vogue magazines . It must have been some gene left over from a past life, as my parents extent of designer knowledge stopped at Marky Mark’s Calvin Klien’s.

I sketched editorials in my free time and wore clothes that only got weird looks from classmates in grade school.  After high school my evolution did not come simply. I moved briefly to Los Angles at 19 to pursue acting and dancing and after my return back home I started a production company. The company produced dance camps that toured central Alberta. From there I moved my sights to Vancouver, BC. I truly attribute Vancouver to turning me into a foodie! With a emphasis on the hospitality industry I had experiences on both sides of the restaurant world. With a high standard in food, ingredients, and service, I started to develop for love for great food and the art of dining!

Furthermore contributing to my love of culture, food, and fashion were my travels. London, Dubai, Paris, Hong Kong, NYC, and LA are all loves of my life.

In 2009 I went back to school to study Visual Communication at the Fashion institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. After graduation I tried my hand at Fashion PR and Styling. I got to assist styling some great musicians for the Grammy’s, American Music Awards, and various red carpet events. A couple of my most memorable jobs was being the key stylist on a Beach Bunny Swimwear campaign and assisting for the London Olympics’ 2012 Coca-cola campaign. In school I had started freelance writing for www.lashoppingreviews.com and www.Whippedstyle.com. In addition I had had my own blog that I started while living in Vancouver in 2007 called www.whaddagirlwants.com.  It essentially was a hobby that represented my enthusiasm for fashion, food, and pop culture.
Www. Champgangeandcoutere.com eventually became the progression and next step.  With a focus on fashion and food, my thoughts and opinions are meant to start conversations and possibly introduce new ideas. Hopefully you enjoy. Thank-you for visiting and please come back soon!