3O Days of What… ?

photo courtesy of  TheWhole30 website.

30 days of What ?

Early in 2015 I started getting wind of this new “diet craze” called the Whole 30. There were numerous social media posts from acquaintances and less than relevant ex-reality stars chronicling their time on the diet. At the time, it didn’t interest me too much, as I felt like I was living a pretty balanced life and I had just started my “BBG” with Kayla Itines. I tend to use myself as a human guinea pig for new health and fitness trends and if you do two new things at once, you can’t understand which one providing negative or positive benefits. Therefore, I took note and then moved on.

Then in the summer of 2015, after a Mexican very tequila and guacamole indulgent weekend came to an end…. I was feeling….well… pretty disgusting. The last day of the trip my stomach hated me and the only thing it wanted was bread and ice cream. My insides felt dirty.

Coincidentally, three days earlier my friend had sent me a link to the Whole30 program and asked if I had heard about it and announced she was starting it the next day. (Well, we all know there are no such thing as coincidences… )

This became the day I decided to take on the Whole 30.


So what was the Whole30 exactly ?


In the simplest of terms:


The Whole 30 is a 3 meals/ day program that eliminates the following from your diet:

wheat, dairy, alcohol, artificial sweetener, legumes, grains, gluten and processed food.


The focus is on eating whole foods, 3 times a day, riding yourself of cravings, overindulging and promoting a healthy relationship with food, that ultimately helps you cure ailments, digestive issues and balances your hormones.

Intense… but sounded like exactly what I needed.

Besides my indulgent weekend, I had been in a funk with the food I was eating. I had been eating very healthy, but would get extremely tired after eating meals. And these meals, were meals packed with protein, lots of vegetables and a small amount of healthy fat OR carb. It seemed like I was doing everything right… so what was the issue ?? I was frustrated. The Whole 30 it sounded like something that was what I was looking for if I wanted to pursue the feeling of “normal.”

I needed to:

  • Get my digestion on track
  • Balance my hormones
  • And have a break from all the food items that I had indulged in over the past month.

And so the Whole 30 began….


Tomorrow I will post my Journal of the first 5 days of the program. Stay Tuned!

All photos courtesy of google image and The Whole 30 website.


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