We are one month into 2016!

Hopefully that doesn’t mean all those new years resolution’s you made on January 1st have fallen to the way side!

Statistically speaking 1 in 3 of us who set a New Years Resolution ditch them by Feb. 1st (sad but true).
Among us that set resolutions, 73% of those resolutions have to do with weight loss.

I have written about this subject before and as women it is almost an automatic ~ that regardless if you wrote it down or just thought about it…. your body/health made it’s way into your resolutions.

The fitness and health industry has started a slight rebellion as of late and coined the term “anti-diet” and has deemed “counting calories” an old school mentality. Everyone in the community has pretty much agreed that “wellness” should be the focus and once “wellness” is on point, “weight-loss “ is merely a great bi-product.


In 2015 I really started to explore my wellness and how I could focus on it and not the number on the scale.
It really was a navigational year for me, I learned a lot both mentally and physically.
I still everyday am trying to make “healthier” choices and am always trying to learn more and challenge myself.


My 2016 goals are merely 2015 actions that I started, that I would like to continue and improve upon.

I will share an overview of all and dive in depth to each specifically over the next couple of months.

Here they are:

  1. The Green Shake
  2. Gyrotonics
  3. The Whole30
  4. Coloring and Dancing (my 2016 form of meditation)


Happy New Year!



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