Travel Chic

The Most Stylish Couple at Airport Award goes to...

At the suggestion of my very good (always traveling) friend, I decided to make a post dedicated to the always- on- the- go-trains-planes-and automobiles gal.

How do you look Chic with endless temperature/cabin pressure changes? Layers my friends… lots of layers…

Here is a list of my essential travel wardrobe items:

  • Leggings/Tights/Jeggings (who wants to sit 9hrs in Jeans?)
  • Cardigans – Long, Short, Wrapped.. all sorts
  • Riding Boots – Flat so they are comfortable to walk in, worn over leggings or jeggings – still look super chic!
  • Scarfs – yet another layer to warm you up that you can easily remove, but instantly makes an outfit look stylish
  • Hats – Fedoras, Wide Brim, Beanies – instantly add a fashionable quality –  but really are more so practical, in the fact they save  you from dealing with your staticky/ flat hair
  • A Big Pair of Shades – ever Since Jackie-O put them on the map, a big pair of shades always add glamour (while concealing your barely open eyes/or lazy no make-up face).
  • An of course an oversized tote… You need to be able to fit your 5 magazines, latest book, IPAD, bottle of water, essential makeup, phone, healthy snack, and dayplanner…naturally….

Emmy Rossum at JFK Airport

Kim K always Stylish


Jessica Alba

Another KK Airport look

Travel Chic

2 thoughts on “Travel Chic

  1. Love your post! I have a peculiar fascination with airport style — it requires so much extra thought to combine practical and fashionable while traveling, doesn’t it? thanks for the tips!

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