David Yurman

Cable Bracelets

I have always loved David Yurman jewelry, but it wasn’t until I did a shoot for Essence magazine that I fell in love with the brand all over again! Carrying everything from rings, to earrings, bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses and more Yurman really knows his niche’.

David Yurman Inc. Is a New York based American privately held company. It has 18 boutiques across the US and 3 international stores. The cable bracelet is his signature item, which is a twisted helix adorned with gemstones on the ends.  Currently the Yurman’s (a husband and wife team) are bringing in $450 million in annual sales.

 My personal gravitation goes toward all of his cocktail rings. Usually a single cut, brilliant, cushion cut stone – it comes in lavender, amethyst, topaz, blue topaz, black onyx, champagne citrine, and most recently pearl. The median cost for a ring is $2,000 depending on the stone and it’s setting. Yurman’s pieces are carried at his boutiques as well as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus. Currently ShopStyle and Nordstrom are featuring sales, so shop while you can! 

David Yurman Cocktail Rings

Ametheyst earrings

Kate Moss in 2011 Campaign

Bridal Collection

Kate Hudson wearing David Yurman

2010 Campaign

Cocktail Ring Blue Topaz

Turquoise Ring

Opening at Saks NYC - Photo courtesy of Jones Magazine




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